Since 2005, 16 Years Fire Alarm System Suppression and Manufacturer&Whole Solution Provider
We supply whole fire alarm and suppression system include conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system, emergency light system, FM200 gas suppression system, fire pump, fire hose reel and cabinet.
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    ASENWARE Conventional Fire Alarm System has obtained lpcb ce certificationconsists, The system has Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, Conventional  Smoke Detector ,Conventional  Heat Detector , Beam Smoke Detector,Entrance LED Indicator etc composed
    ASENWARE Addressable Fire Alarm Control System are intelligent system which are designed to make it suitable for most of applications. It’s user friendly functionality makes it suitable to program and configure the devices. 7 ” touchscreen display gives the information for fire alarm, trouble , supervisory and other related information all the time.This system fully complied with the requirement of EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.
    ASENWARE Wireless fire alarm system features: Can connect both wired and wireless detectors Each zone can connect up to 20 wireless detectors and 20 wired detectors
    ASENWARE Fire Pump Series provide fire departments or private users with the ability to pump from any water source.

    ASENWARE Centralized Monitoring Emergency Luminaire System is designed for managing, monitoring and controlling emergency lights automatically. 
    ASENWARE fire fighting telephone system is the special communication equipment for fire fighting
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Conventional emergency light
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Suspended Exit Sign Boards
Suspended Exit Sign Boards belongs to the fire emergency light series products with reliable work...
  • Suspended Exit Sign Boards belongs to the fire emergency light series products with reliable work, high stability, long life and other advantages, applicable to factories, hotels, shopping malls, such as building high-rise buildings, public power for emergency lighting.

    Use a metal lamp holder or flame retardant plastic lamp holder, a wall-mounted, portable, ceiling installation.

    Emergency time 90 min or fire safety exit sign lamps and lanterns has small power consumption, high brightness, long life and other characteristics of the edge design with power switch and refers to the light.
  • Features:
    • Material characteristics: not aging, heat faster, impact resistant, etc;
    • Product style: the wall hung, portable, hanging type;
    • The AC power: AC220V, 50HZ;
    • Installation method: top, suspended ceiling, wall hanging, embedded, buried.
  • Parameters:

    Available designs:

    (If big quantity, the sign can be customization.)