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Emergency Lighting Test Panel AW-CELP500
Emergency lighting test panel
  • The Asenware Centralized Monitoring Emergency Luminaire System is designed for managing, testing, monitoring and controlling emergency lights automatically. It can timely discharge the battery of the emergency lights and charge again, to monitor the battery capacity. It can switch on or switch off the emergency lights by address or by emergency zone. It can monitor the light fault, power fault, battery fault of the emergency lights. It can help the maintenance staff to inspect all the status of the emergency lights in one building.
  • This system has the following features:
    ● Friendly HMI with 7 inch colorful LCD touchscreen;
    ● Maximum 500 lightings per loop;
    ● Simultaneously and remotely control one or more lightings;
    ● Real-time monitoring system operating condition and displaying the latest fault;
    ● More than 500 history events record;
    ● Up to 16-way non-source emergency zone input
    ● Up to 16 testing group;
    ● Detecting battery fault, LED source fault, AC fault and communication fault for single emergency lighting;
    ● Automatic testing function, user can set the condition based on actual conditions;
    ● Detecting fuse fault, AC fault, grounding fault and battery fault;
    ● Quiescent condition;
    ● Disablement condition(Inhibit all corresponding mandatory indication as required);