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Fire Telephone System
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Addressable 99 Points Fire Telephone Control Panel AW-FT599
The fire fighting telephone system is the special communication equipment for fire fighting, pursuant to the national standard GB16806-2006 Fire Linkage Control System.
  • Introduce:
    The fire fighting telephone system is the special communication equipment for fire fighting, pursuant to the national standard GB16806-2006 Fire Linkage Control System.
    This system is composed of the fire-fighting telephone host (hereinafter referred to as host), fire-fighting telephone extension (hereinafter referred to as extension) and fire-fighting telephone jack (hereinafter referred to as the jack), and is suitable for communication and dispatching in a fire or emergency in the building. In case of fire alarm in the application site, the site personnel can call the host through extension and contact the control center in time. The operator in the control center can also call the extension at the site through the host to know the situation on the site.
  • Features:
    1) With the two-bus technology, the power supply and communication are compatible on two buses, and are not divided into the positive and the negative, convenient for debugging.
    2) It has perfect detection measures, which can detect the short circuit and open circuit of the bus, and make sound and light alarm.
    3) The anti-interference performance of hardware and software allows for the adaptability to various complex environments.
    4) The voice is subject to differential transmission on the bus, with strong anti-interference capability.
    5) The application of silica gel button presents a beautiful appearance, good hand feeling and long service life.
    6) The host and extension can call each other and make full-duplex call, and the host can communicate with three extension telephones at the same time.
    7) It has the function of recording and displaying the calling and answering time, and can query 120 records of calling and response time between the host and the extension.
    8) The recording is subject to circular coverage, first-in-first-out mode and automatic recording is enabled during a call.
  • Parameters:
    Power supply Mains power: AC 220V (+10%, -15%, 50Hz)
    Standby power supply: External DC24V
    Bus current ≤600mA
    Frequency range 300~3400Hz
    Transmission attenuation ≤5dB
    Recording duration more than 20min
    Length of bus ≤1,500m
    Weight ≤10kg
    Dimensions 406×331×174(mm)
    Working environment Temperature 0~+40ºC, RH ≤95%
    Bus capacity up to 99 code addresses (set by code switch in binary mode)
    The host supports communication with at most 3 extensions simultaneously
    Support up to query and playing 99 segments of recording
    At most 120 call messages can be recorded
    Line condition extension loop resistance (exclusive of phone resistance) ≤ 300 Ω