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AW-AFP2189 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
AW-AFP2189 fire alarm control panel is a new generation of fire alarm control panel launched. In order to meet the engineering design demand, the control unit is provided with both linkage and control...
  • AW-AFP2189 fire alarm control panel (hereinafter referred to fire control unit) is a new generation of fire alarm control panel launched. In order to meet the engineering design demand, the control unit is provided with both linkage and control functions. It can support uses of other related products of the Company to form an integrated alarm and linkage control system, which is perfectly suitable for the application of small and medium-sized fire alarm and firefighting and linkage integrated control system.

    The fire alarm linkage control system is widely used in small and medium-sized firefighting engineering, such as high-grade office building, residential community, department store, gymnasium, exhibition room, library, workshop, supermarket and hotels. 

  • System features

    1. Adopts the latest generation of high-speed microprocessor. Data processing rate and data storage capacity reach 100-fold and 1000-fold increase, respectively, compared to traditional technologies
    2. AW-AFP2189 is provided with 4.3" color display screen (LCD), with a display resolution of 430×272.
    3. The operation interface imitates Windows menus and window interfaces and is almost the same as the computer operating and using habits, thus facilitates the learning.
    4. Operation and control are flexible and convenient through the standard USB-interfaced computer keyboard and mouse + the panel buttons are used as field programming devices.
    5. T9 pinyin input method is provided and texts can be input easily and freely.
    6. Use smart U disk (optional), which can be used to copy or restore setup file and historical file of the system, thus facilitating the system maintenance.
    7. It adopts the non-polarity two-bus intelligent alarm linkage pattern and can connect 324 intelligent detectors or intelligent modules at most. The addresses of module detectors can be mix-programmed (optional 1-324)
    8. It supports interconnection of 20 AW-AFP2189 control units and the maximum system capacity after networking reaches 20×324=6480 (alarm point)
    9. The maximum capacity of linkage control unit of a single equipment: 10 points
    10. The system has the function of recording operation history: 1000 pieces of historical fire alarms, historical requests, historical feedbacks, historical faults and historical operations, respectively
    11. The user may customize the equipment type, which can facilitate the system integration
    12. It has the modular manual single-point start/stop functions, which can facilitate field debugging and testing
    13. It has the single-point detector/module testing function, the detector working status and test data are clearly displayed
    14. The system is provided with a dedicated mini-printer as standard, which is used to print various operating statuses of the system immediately
    15. It can be accessed with area indicating panels, building indicating panels and floor indicating panels, which will extend display information of the control unit to corridor and other locations
    16. It can be connected with PC to achieve city networking.
    17. The system carries out the hierarchy management of multi-level users and the users of different levels are granted with corresponding operating system permissions, which is convenient for system management
    18. It is possible to update the system on the field or remotely to ensure the system operates stably and reliably
    19. Standards: GB 4717-2005 Fire Alarm Control Unit
                                GB 16806-2006 Automatic Control System for Fire Protection

  • Power supply
    Mains power supply: AC 220V±20%/50Hz or DC24V;
    Backup power supply: DC24V maintenance-free battery BAT12V/5AH

    System operating environment
    Ambient temperature: -10℃~+55℃
    Ambient humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, no condensation)