Since 2005, 16 Years Fire Alarm and Suppression System Manufacturer&Whole Solution Designer
We supply whole fire alarm and suppression system include conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system, emergency light system, FM200 gas suppression system, fire pump, fire hose reel and cabinet.
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    ASENWARE Fire Alarm Control System are intelligent system which are designed to make it suitable for most of applications. It’s user friendly functionality makes it suitable to program and configure the devices. 7 ” touchscreen display gives the information for fire alarm, trouble , supervisory and other related information all the
    time.This system fully complied with the requirement of EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.
    ASENWARE Fire Pump Series provide fire departments or private users with the ability to pump from any water source.
    The AW-CFP2166 series conventional fire alarm panel is designed based on EN54 part 24 standard. 
    ASENWARE Centralized Monitoring Emergency Luminaire System is designed for managing, monitoring and controlling emergency lights automatically. 
    Asenware FP300 series is a LPCB addressable fire alarm system with one loop of 324 addressable points, comply with EN 54 standard.
    ASENWARE fire fighting telephone system is the special communication equipment for fire fighting
    ASENWARE Heat Detector is photo-electronic detector using a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber. 
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16 Years Fire Alarm and Suppression System Manufacturer&Whole Solution Designer

  • ASENWARE is the fire alarm system and fire suppression system manufacturer and whole fire safety 
    solution provider since 2005.
    Driven by a commitment to sound operations,ongoing innovation and open  collaboration,we have 
    established competitive fire safety product lines include: addressable fire alarm system,conventional 
    fire alarm system,gas suppression system.emergency light system,UL fire Sprinkler,fire pump,fire hose,
    fire telephone,emergency audio system.
    To focus on certified fire safety products base on international standard,we already got LPCB, 
    TUV, INTERTEK, UL certificates for different product lines so far.
    Over 100 countries' customers are using our fire safety products,solutions and  services.
    There are more than 200 employees work in ASENWARE United Kingdom Marketing Center,China-R&D 
    and Supply Chain Center and Bangladesh-Manufacture Center,we are committed to design 
    and manufacture the best fire safety products to reduce the risk of fire and make the 
    world safer and more comfortable.
    We keep creating value for customers: 1.New products and solutions for the fire safety market 
    every year by investing millions dollars in product designing and upgrade2.Cloud website to help 
    customers monitor all the running fire panels.Every agent,contractor,building owner 
    or maintenance engineer can check the fire system working status and get emergency alarm 
    by messages or emails. 3.Support project design with a high-quality NFPA standard 
    engineer team.