MY STORY WITH ASENWARE Activity Winners announced
The winner of the "MY STORY WITH ASENWARE" campaign has come out!
Thank you for your support and trust.
The list of winners is as follows.

First prize User ID prize
1 Saf×××××Inc 1000USD coupon
Second prize User ID prize
1 KS ×××××LTD
500USD coupon
2 KKEN×××××ly
3 HP EN×××××LTD
4 RPD Fi××××× Corp
5 Premi×××××LTD
Third prize User ID prize
1 广东建工×××××公司 200USD coupon
2 AST Innova×××××LTD
3 Amakenn××××LTD
4 Asiati××××LTD
5 Zoni××××LTD
7 Bridge Cam××××lLTD
8 L.E.××××LTD
10 Fire De××××LTD

The prizes will be distributed through the matching business manager, and the participating prizes will be shipped together with the goods.Please check,The coupon is valid for the whole year of 2020。