Explosion-proof fire alarm products
In some industrial occasions or inflammable and explosive areas, ordinary smoke detectors can no longer meet the requirements of automatic fire alarms on these occasions. At this time, we can use explosion-proof smoke detectors and explosion-proof heat detectors on the scene.
Explosion-proof fire alarm products

Briefly talk about the definition of the explosion-proof type. Explosion-proof type, a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment structure. The explosion-proof type is to enclose all the parts of the equipment that may ignite explosive gas mixtures in a shell. 
explosion proof Flash strobe
The shell can withstand any joint surface or structural gap of the shell and penetrate into The flammable mixture inside the shell will explode inside without damage, and will not cause the ignition of an explosive environment formed by one or more gases or vapors outside.

Put the parts that may generate sparks, arcs, and dangerous temperatures into the explosion-proof enclosure. The explosion-proof enclosure separates the internal space of the equipment from the surrounding environment.
Explosion-proof fire alarm products

There is a gap in the explosion-proof enclosure. Due to the respiration and gas penetration of electrical equipment, there may be an explosive gas mixture inside. When it explodes, the enclosure can withstand the explosion pressure generated without being damaged.

At the same time, the structural gap of the enclosure can cool the flame and reduce Flame propagation speed or termination of acceleration chain, so that flames or dangerous flame products cannot pass through the explosion-proof gap to ignite the external explosive environment, so as to achieve the purpose of explosion-proof.

Suitable for petroleum, chemical, military, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and other industries